A Dream of Unknown Origin

A few nights back, I had a dream. I awoke that morning so confused, for this was the realest-feeling dream I had ever had. I don’t know what it means but I wrote it down so I would never forget.

Here goes.


We were in some strange building. It was huge, like seriously HUGE. The main part was a hospital and the other part was some kind of school, but this was no ordinary school. It was a school of people that mainly spoke what appeared to be Korean. I don’t know why I was there, but there was nothing I could do about it. The only reason I even knew that this school was there was because I was wandering. Because I was wandering around this city-sized building. I had peeked into a few rooms to see classes in session while wandering one day.

As time passed, the hospital workers would make us sit in small rooms with little to do, though strangely enough, even being in a hospital, I rarely heard much of any sound and it was usually quite dark. It was especially dark in those cold hospital hallways and soundless elevator rooms.

One day, for no apparent reason that I could see, we were forced to have a dance practice in one of their large, dark rooms. At this point, I could hear more sound coming from people, but not any louder than a whisper. This dance practice was definitely not ordinary. First of all, there was no music, and second of all we were having a dance practice in a *hospital*. And why they were making us dance in this hospital, I have no idea.

As we were practicing, silently of course, a door to my left opened. Two workers wheeled in a bed with a man in it. They lifted the sheet from his face. I knew this man. He was a teacher from my school. He was silent, just as most others were. He was still and the workers appeared sad. The others around me whispered very softly how they wished he could go back to the way he used to be. I didn’t speak. I never did. Not even a sound.

After our practice, I decided to go on a walk. I needed to wander my thoughts by wandering this building. Though I am sure it was against the rules for me to wander, I did it anyway. I never got caught and I was never questioned. So I walked through the cold hallway to the nearest elevator. The doors opened and I stepped in. It was always pitch dark and I went to wherever it took me. I had not the slightest idea how many floors this building had. I had never pressed a single button. But this time it took me to the section of the building that was the school. I had never been there after school hours until this time. I walked amongst the school-girls, for this seemed to be an all girls school. I walked casually and was not questioned even though I was not wearing the uniform that everyone else seemed to be wearing. But suddenly a woman grabbed my arm and spoke to me in Korean. I thought for sure I was in trouble. She sat down with me and then said, in English, “Is there something going on with you and the other girls?” I just looked at her confused and shook my head. She then simply said, “I just haven’t seen you and the other girls together in quite sometime… Have a good night.” she said as we both stood up. She walked away as I looked around in shock.

As I wandered back to my room through the cold, dark, silent hallways, I heard something faint. It was a voice whispering to me. It explained that this girl that the woman thought she was talking to had gone missing and I was there to replace her.


Then I woke up. Creepy huh?

I’m not sure how to interpret this, but it was definitely strange.





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